DE HPS Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Lamp (1000W)

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Double Ended Lamps are the newest technologies in the field of high pressure sodium lamps. DE lamps provide a more stable and reliable output than conventional single ended lamps. This is achieved by using dual contacts at each end of the lamps that produces a more stabilized Arc which emits more UV and IR lights that are vital for plant growth and yield.
Lumens: 155,000
Lamp compatibility: operates on 1000-Watt digital ballast
Color temperature: 2,050K
Base type: K12 x 30S
Life span: 15,000 HR
Amperage: 4.70
Bulbs type: T32
Use: flowering and fruiting
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Manufacturer Hydro Crunch
SKU D911009000
Warranty 1 Year
Lamp Wattage 1000W
Lamp Operating Voltage 215V
Lamp Operating Current 4.7A
Light Output (Lm) 155000
Lumens Per Watt 155
Rated Life (Hr) 15000
Color Temperature (K) 2050
Color Rendering Index 32
PAR Value (380-780nm) 2100
Warm Up Time (min.) 7
Weight 7 oz.
Bulb Length 15.5 in.
Bulb Diameter 1.32 in.

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Weight 6.9 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 17 in


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